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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  November 27, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> good morning. welcome to "11 news sunday morning." i'm jennifer franciotti. >> and i'm lisa robinson. our top stories in just a moment. first a look outside with meteorologist ava marie. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> a storm system heading out to the east. you can see rain showers pushing out of ohio into pennsylvania. those are getting closer to western maryland as well. rain showers possible in areas like oakland throughout the midday into the night as well. for baltimore a dry day.
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winds calm. 10 degrees above average. the complete forecast coming up. >> our top story is a deadly car crash in howard county. >> friends and family gathered last night to remember those killed. >> jeffrey was an incredible kid. a young man that literally changed the world. >> it was a bitter sweet moment for the parents of jeffrey giles who lost his life in a car accident. giles' parents and three siblings were surrounded by family and friends and held a candlelight vigil for the 19-year-old. >> he had a heart that was so
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big. >> dale kirk audet iii lost control of his car and hit a tree in the 5200 block of royals hill road. jeffrey giles and 18-year-old jonathan deckman died at the scene. two others were treated and released. >> we believe speed may have been a factor. we believe the two deceased people may not have been wearing seat belts and that may have contributed to their death. >> a nurse at shock trauma, also a family friend, broke the news to jeffrey's family. >> when we got to the hospital they told us they couldn't do anything for him, and they had to begin work on somebody else. >> as loved ones released a beacon of light into the skies in remembrance of jeffrey, his family wants the young man who was behind the wheel that fateful night to remember who foregives him. >> i know they were talking about pressing charges. we have no interest in that.
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that young young man is going to pay in his mind for the rest of his life. >> we don't want anything to happen to him. >> we can't deal with that. >> funeral services are pending for jeffrey giles. in the meantime, police are still investigating the cause of the accident. reporting from glen burnie, wbal-tv 11 news. >> in frederick county two people killed in an early morning crash between new market and mount airy. state police say traffic was stopped around 5:00 saturday morning due to an unrelated incident where another driver failed to stop and hit a car sending it into a median and set off a chain reaction involving six vehicles. the victims are identified as 33-year-old sully kai and annis malhy of frederick. >> a trash truck side-swiped a car. a man in his 20's was riding on the side of the truck and was thrown from the vehicle. he was taken to johns hopkins bay view medical center with
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serious but not life-threatening injuries. >> an investigation underway in baltimore city after a double shooting in charles village. according to police a 36-year-old woman was driving in the 2600 block. the passenger and an unknown man were shot by a gunman. police say the preliminary investigation reveals the victims were targeted. >> currently detectives are scouring for witnesses in the area. also reviewing surveillance vivido to see if a portion of the incident was captured on tape. >> >> the woman was shot multiple times, and the man was shot in the arm, but their wounds are not life-threatening. >> an inmate charged with holding up six different stores has been found dead in his cell at a depee tension center. michael malpass was found
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unresponsive in his cell thursday night by a correctional . -- officer. >> there is black friday, cyber-monday, and now small businesses are laying claim to saturday. president obama took his daughters on a shopping run to a bookstore a few blocks from the white house. 11 news reporter deborah weiner has more on the national movement. >> if black friday is act one of the holiday shopping season, small business saturday is hoping to be the big act two. when consumers remember the unique stores, the one-of-a-kind places for one-of-a-kind gift. >> we don't want best buys on every block.
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>> we didn't have to fight over a 5 -inch tv. so just happy people. >> the store hon town in hampton was busy all day. >> people were excited about small business. >> this is the second year for small business saturday created by american express to help the little guy. sandwiched between black friday and cyber-monday during one of the busiest shopping days of the year. >> it keeps the community rich, it keeps the community healthy, and it also keeps the people together as a family. >> i'd love to see instead of it being small business saturday, the movement becomes small business first where people are known to shop at your small businesses, your locally owned small businesses first and if you can't find something, go to
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the larger big box if need be. >> despite the economy, retailers are counting on $465 billion in sales over the next few weeks. deborah weiner, wbal-tv 11 news. >> this morning the company is scratching plans to build a 500-room resort. disney has bought 11 acres for the hotel, but a spokesperson for the company says the time is not right yet. >> the time is 9:08. 49 degrees already on tv hill. mccormick is looking for a few good workers. that story ahead. >> and a baltimore tradition back. we'll take you to the miracle on 34th street. >> and on our way to being as warm as we typically are this time of year, but we'll be warmer than that.
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>> we are off to a mild start. a storm system is approaching from the west. out ahead of the storm, things are looking good. a few clouds in the sky. looks like rain showers are moving from west virginia of the. trying to make their way from western pennsylvania as well. at least areas like oakland could see a couple sprinkles throughout the afternoon into tonight as well. let's take a picture of what's happening across the state with all the clouds we are definitely seeing those start to build in from the west. you have sunshine in virginia and areas like ocean city right now. clouds ahead to the west it
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looks like it is slowing down a bit. not only will it slow down, but it will slow down and spin into itself. what that means, first of all, it is slowing down, so the rain will take longer to get to us. it is also drawing in cold air. from the actual flow in the atmosphere, it draws in cold air. for that reason, we are talking about snow in areas of the southeast. unbelievable right now. the storm system could bring snow to the western mountains. a lot of people heading back for the holidays. no weather problems expected out of b.w.i. or dulles. new york city looks mostly dry. we do have hane rain showers back in the mississippi river valley. that's going to cause slowdown in the mid section of the nation. current temperatures are off to a good start.
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not as warm as yesterday, but still not bad for november. i mentioned showers. those will be in the western part of the state. even areas like oakland and cumberland could see rainy weather as you head later into the day. clouds increase across baltimore. showers possible out in the west. dropping down into the 40's and 50's. it moves east. it starts to wrap within itself very cold air. it could bring snow to georgia, alabama, and even national getting into monday night and tuesday. that snow is possible in the western mountains for tuesday. for baltimore this is a rain event. >> 34th street in hamden. residents flipped on the lights for what's called a miracle on
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34th street. it draws crowds from all over to sell brit the -- celebrate the holiday. >> what is being done to boost traffic at the inner harbor? >> and what do you pair with that holiday dress? how about harry washington's necklace. the latest celebrity inspired necklaces.
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>> welcome back, everyone. it is time for our sunday business report. nice to see you. >> good morning. >> did you have a good holiday? >> great. >> let's talk a little about mccormick and what they are doing to boost their sales. >> people are worrying about their jobs, the economy. so to keep mccormick's name at the forefront for the holidays, they are going to launch their first ever tv ad campaign. they are hoping when people go to the store to get that nutmeg they will think of mccormick. they make about 20% of their sales between thanksgiving and christmas. that is an important six weeks
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for them. they are doing whatever they can to keep that brand alive and make sure people when they go to the store are thinking of that. >> there are so many other generic options as well. >> they understand that. that's why they are being so aggressive this year. they know people have other options and they want to make sure you trust mccormick. >> i wonder if they will take a local flare, buy local. >> they should. it is a good way to support the local economy. >> speaking of local, iblack? >> it makes -- eye black for football players, and they have done well, and they are trying to expand their market based on softball. the baseball factory puts on youth camps. the baseball factory will be able to put their saying, kids,
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you might want to do this. it is a way for them to advertise a bigger way without them having the expense of two separate campaigns. >> so we have work being done to boost tourism downtown. >> the city launched a laser right show this month. so that's one way they are hoping to get downtown. there are businesses adding music, hotels offering free drimpings, and discounts for preferred customers. so they are trying to, you know, bring in tourist dollars when this is normally a slower part of the year for them. >> and give-back incentives as well? >> not so much giving back. will you many -- if you are a frequent hotel monaco guest, they are adding more incentive and added value to your purchase.
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and shop local seems like it was a good weekend. >> it all fillers back around. >> yes. >> stay with us. up next on 11 news, the "sunday gardener". >> it is that time of year when it is important to feed the birds. this looks like a nice typical bird feeder. >> it does, but i get tired of feeding the squirrels, too. so we'll show you how to feed one and not the other.
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>> good morning. welcome to our "sunday gardener." when we are taping this. it is great. early november. had some beautiful weather. winter is coming down on us. the birds like to feed. it is a little tougher for them in the winter time. they will survive without our help. it is nice to get them near the kitchen window. >> it is fun. the kids love watching woodpeckers and cardinals. >> the squirrels like the same food as the birds do, and they are very ingenious on getting into the bird feeders. >> there are some ways to discourage them. >> they won't sit on a perch.
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they want a flat form 0 are a tray to sit on. >> there's a larger one. >> it depends on whether it is on a pole. >> they are jumpers. >> this is made of plastic. they may eventually chew through this. >> another type. these are fun to watch from time to time. >> yeah, these are fun. >> when the squirrel gets in here, it will cut off the food supply. >> this is going to allow them to feed, but the squirrel can't get there. >> there is another variation of this called the spinner right?
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>> yes. >> and another one, conventional, not mechanical. >> it is obvious what happened. the cardinal can get in, the squirrel can't. it is a two-feeder, but it has a wire -- the squirrel can't penetrate. >> the birds aren't afraid to squeeze through here to get into the area? >> exactly. >> there is still a tray on the bottom. >> sure. sure. let's move on to another here, and this is my favorite. >> i have one of these. i have had one for five years. so far the squirrels have not figured out how to get at them. mine hangs off a porch-on-ing framework, so i don't have to wherey about poles for them to climb. they can't get around it. i had one that didn't have as big a cap on it at one time, and they managed to fall off and then hang on. they haven't figured it out. plus being clear they know the
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food is there. >> trying -- >> a tray for cardinals. >> and it does provide a ne show for us to watch. >> exactly. >> and on this one, the other is plastic. >> absolutely. and then back here we have a couple others, one more con vengal than the others. >> i get a lot of crows in my feeders sometimes, and this will deter them as well. down here, very similar. this is a squirrel feeder. same thing. when the squirrel sits on the perch or gets on here, it gets off of here. >> the squirrel will try to chew through a plastic sill der. it proteckeds the inside from
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being chewed to death. i have another one being destroyed that way. >> it is interesting. it is a lot of fun. so take some time. feed the squirrels. we talked about bringing in a lot of those birds and create a nice habitat for them. if you have a pond make sure you have a heater in there or a bird bath, make sure that has water every come days. >> if you have a -- baltimore maryland, 21 11. you can also go on our web site at or send an envelope to 3800 hooper avenue, baltimore, maryland 21211. >> the difficulties of reporting child abuse here in maryland. we run down the law next in this morning's "q & a." >> we are in luck today with another many -- with more mild
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weather. first we'll talk about the forecast coming up today. stay tuned.
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>> welcome back to "11 news sunday morning." thanks so much for joining us. >> we go first to ava. wow is it going to be nice
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today. >> yesterday the sunshine early on and then the clouds filling in. right now, a mix of sun and clouds across baltimore. showers starting to inch closer to western maryland. something to keep in mind as our next system approaches the area. the forecast today calling for highs in the 60's. 64 for baltimore. 64 for ocean city. 62 in the western mountains. they get a chance for rain today. then eventually that rain follows in baltimore's seven-day forecast. the storm system we have coming our way is a bit tricky. we'll tell you about that coming up. >> a day to be remembered at towson university. president barack obama and his family were there. our 11 news reporter was there. >> there is always excitement before the tip-off of a college basketball game. this saturday afternoon at the towson university tigers took the court against the oregon state beavers the court-side
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appearance of the commander-in-chief was all the buzz. >> i am thrilled. i think it is a wonderful opportunity. >> it's one of the reasons we are here. we knew he was dumbing. -- we knew he was coming. >> the game was a family reunion. the first family came out to watch michelle obama's brother coach the oregon state beavers. many people were trying to get a picture with the first family. >> don't know if you don't try, right? >> i have never seen metal detectors outside the towson center. >> also in apeans was actor bill murray whose son is an assistant coach for the tigers. the big draw for the day was the
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president and his family. >> it was an experience to remember. >> and that was nadia randolph reporting. unfortunately the tigers did not come away with a win. they were beat 66-46. it wasn't all basketball sunday. the toy son tiger football team was awarded the championship trophy during half time, and the president was on hand to take pictures with the team. >> it's time now for a sunday morning "q & a." joining us now is adam rosenberg. >> good morning, jen. >> thank you for coming in. obviously this penn state scandal has provided parents an opportunity to talk to their kids about what is appropriate
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and not appropriate. >> we should look at it not as one big conversation but many little conversations. we should be talking to them all throughout their lives and having a relationship with them so we can feel trusting with one another and we can talk about many different things. certainly one of them is what is an appropriate touch, what is an inappropriate touch, who is a safe adult, who is not a safe adult. >> you have been having some town hall meetings about the same thing. you had one last week at the y of central maryland. what were some of the things people brought up at this meeting? >> probably the most surprising thing people brought up was the fact that people don't know how to report abuse. in maryland, all of us are mandated reporters. a certain class of people have to report abuse within a certain amount of time. even among practitioners, they have to report out and not necessarily up. what we --
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>> what does that mean, out not up? >> people have to tell their program administrator but they don't have to pick up the phone and dial 91 ssh oh, -- 911. and we want people to pick up the phone and call 911 and prort it -- report it to the proper authorities. >> people think what kind of commitment level is it to me if i report abuse, but you can report it anonymously. >> yes, people can report these cases anonymously and confidentially. the obligation is report is important. i think people need to also keep in mind they are not judge, jury, and executioner. we are just asking them to report it. we have a great relationship with the police and the social services office. we can't do our job unless the public does their job. >> what's the abuse situation here in maryland? >> the reporting laws in maryland are ber one of only six states in the country that has a civil penalty.
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most other states have a criminal penalty. we have a law but no teeth behind it. so that's one thing we are looking at so there is a criminal penalty so we can encourage people to report abuse. >> and your center is only helping a small fraction of those other bused. >> we estimate one in 10 children reports abuse. we know when when they bring a case of child abuse they bring it to us. but it is only as effective as when people pick up the phone and dial 911 or call child protective services. >> one thing you and i have talked about a lot over the years is the fact that children are told all the time about stranger dangerer. you have relatives and friends coming over. it is not just strangers they need to be watching out for. >> no, unfortunately not. 90% of the abuse occurs when
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they know who the abusers is. family, friends, clergy. these are people spending times in our homes. i'm not saying we should worry about everybody who is there, but it gives us an opportunity to talk to our kids and understand who we are leaving our children with. >> and how to protect their bods. >> yes, simple rules. other adults should not touch their bodies where where bathing suits are. that kids go to the bathroom in pairs. they check with adults before their plans chane change. if we are having unusual sleeping arrangements, we look where we bunk our kids. >> this tuesday at the j.c.c. in owens mills. it is open to the public. we encourage people to voice their questions and get answers and even vent frustrations. here's a system that should be working and didn't. happily make sure the ben state
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situation doesn't happen here in maryland. >> thank you. >> our next guest next week will be congressman elijah cummings. if you have a question e-mail them to >> don't go away. we'll be right back with more news in just a minute. first here's david greg which with a look at what's coming up on "meet the press." >> coming up, another capital failure for congress. the super committee derailed. what's next? will congress put drastic cuts into defense? or will they try to rewrite the law. this morning i'll ask democrat chuck shumer. >> then the man being blamed by some for washington's failure to compromise. and grover norqvist. >> and an
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>> good morning. we're starting you off with a live view of the skycam. a mix of sun and clouds out there. 48 degrees at b.w. i. 53 at the inner harbor. the winds calm, but we are expecting them from the south a little bit. the storm system approaching from the west. you can see a storm system out to our west. inching closer to the state line. elsewhere, just seeing a mix of those clouds and patches of
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clear skies throughout the day. let's look at what's happening throughout the day. a current weather pattern with the clouds starting to build in from the west. more sunshine. clouds spilling in. a cold front into the ohio river valley. storm system advancing into the east. a bit of an interesting storm. not only slowing down, it is drawing in cold air. this could be a snow maker for the southeast. you can see shading of pink starting to show up in arkansas. friends and family. heading home for the holidays. you are going to run into delays . you see a high of 43.
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50 degrees in hancock. 48 in oakland. that's one of the areas that could see showers first as we go throughout the day. that's basically it. east of that, we have the dry weather throughout the day. just a mix of clouds and sun across southern maryland. more sunshine across the eastern shore. mostly in the 60's. a bit of a triggy one. it tries to make its way east. is it -- it starts to spin within itself. for that reason we are predicting snow in places like national into tuesday. eventually that stretches up the appalacians. but the storm for baltimore is just a rain event. monday night into tuesday. wednesday a cooler day. breezy. it looks like we stay chilly and back to normal by the end of the
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week. >> all right. >> everyone is buying time t you might as well shop while you can, while the warm weather is here before the cold bever gets here. >> i don't know if you know it, but gold has taken over, silver is passe. we have a picture of shakira wearing a gold gown. she is wearing little gold clutch. this is also in oprah magazine. oprah did a whole thing on gold and how it is very popular. as you can see from my hands, it is an over-sized clutch. it will hold stuff when you go
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to your parties. it will hold your cell phones. this is $32. very, very affordable. next up, a picture of audry audrina partridge. we found one in ravens purple. it is sparkly. all prism. sparkly necklace. it comes with matching earrings. this is a great holiday necklace. it is $33. and as i said, it comes with the matching earrings. you can wear them both together or separate or however you want to do it. next up, a picture of carie washington. that's a show stopper. if you are going to a party and going strapless, this is the kind of necklace you need. it is beautiful, easy to wear.
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it looks intimidating. it is not that long. you really don't -- you can wear it with a v-neck, you can do it with anything. >> then for the "twilight" fans, bella gotten gauged and they got mayor yismed we found a ring exactly like bella's engagement ring. it is called bella. it is a great gift idea. it is also a great costume ring. whether or not you are a "twilight" fan you can take it to the party. $19. >> and more? >> and this picture of katey perry. the one celebrity fine with a
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hat like this. this is a begun fun gift for any tweens or teens you have on your holiday list. these hats are $18. we have it in a panda or koala. lots of gifts. >> anything else? >> 20% off, wbal 20 is the code at -- >> >> don't go away. we'll be back in the kitchen for "sunday brunch." first a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> welcome back. it is time for "sunday brunch." joining me now is daniel horowitz. we are joined by your helpers this morning. you are making chile which is a perfect meal to make on a sunday. >> classic texas red chile with red beans and four different types of red chile paste. we are using rosetta beef. no hormones, no antibiotics. they age the entire cow, so you get this intense red beef flavor. it is delicious stuff. >> so first you have your ground
9:50 am
beef. >> i have rendered off a little bacon. i have cooked off bacon. i have sweated off onions and some red pepper, and i'm going to go ahead and add garlic to this. after the garlic is cooking, i then go ahead -- we use a tomato concentrate. we have a little. essentially it is hominy that has been ground down. this is going to be the masa paste used to thicken the chill yism then we'll add a little bit of dark chilly powder. and a little bit of cumin.
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>> where is the pantry? >> it is located in fulton hills downtown. we do everything from two people to 2,000. i was classically trained in a french kitchen in new jersey that got four stars in the "new york times" ." i have been doing this a long time. we teach a lot of the young guys how to cook properly. >> you are taking students and teaching them as well? >> i work with a lot of kids and young men from the inner city of baltimore. we give them opportunities and put faith in them and show them how to cook properly. a lot of my events as a server plus working in the kitchen. here we also have chipoltle chile paste. >> we have taken chiles and rehydrated them. we also have pancia, rancho
9:52 am
chillies in here as well. >> if you would like a copy of this recipe go to and click on "food" or send a self-addressed envelope to 3800 hooper avenue, baltimore, maryland 21211. it looks like a paste? >> it acts as a natural thickener and gives it this sweet corn flavor. also, this is traditional chile. there are no beans in it. we add masa in here. it cooks for an hour. when it is done we end up with chilly. >> we will be back with more news in just a minute. this looks spectacular.
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good morning, i'm sarah caldwell... the time is 8:26. good morning, i'm sarah caldwell... the time is 8:26.
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now, let's get a final
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>> and there's the finished product. it looks wonderful, daniel. thank you very much. >> you are welcome. >> how is the weather looking? >> it is looking good. we're off to a mild start. we'll have a mix of clouds and sun throughout the day. the western mountains may see rain showers. it looks back in baltimore that holds off until later tomorrow. rain tuesday and into wend wednesday. >> thank you so much. that's all the time we have now. thanks so much for joining us. nbc's "meet the press" next. have a great day. captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> as we come to the close of another year and celebrate thanksgiving, we at wbal-tv 11 news pause to give thanks to those who make our community a special place to live. we are thankful for the ravens to get their kids involved in sports at least 60 minutes a day. the goal is to help young kids understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. of course we are thankful for our partnership and healthy lifestyles. kudos to mr. adam reese. professor reese is the 36th
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noble laureat associated with johns hopkins:the hip drome arts fund and broadway across america support nonprofits with the first grant bringing atwater and soulful symphonies back to baltimore. it is now a hub for local arts groups. we are also thankful for regal cinema's disability friendly matinees. on any night there are 4,000 homeless people thankful for this mayor's plan to end homelessness. they provide shelter, health care, and human services to those struggling hard to survive harsh circumstances. on that note we join kimberly. a once homeless cancer patient and thank shirley barber in providing a townhouse for kimberly to call home. finally, we are thankful to you,
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our viewers, and offer you best wishes for a safe, healthy, and
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